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H1B visa layoff

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  • H1B visa layoff

    My current employer laid me off. My last working day in this company will be July 1st. So I will have a job till July 1st. I haven't found any employment yet. I would like to know what would be the grace time for me to find another employment so I can get my current H1B visa transferred to another company after I get an offer. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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    There is no grace period.

    Read https://www.immihelp.com/h1-visa-lay-off-job-loss-faq/
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      But when I researched on this on the Internet everyone says that there is a period of 30 days to find another job and transfer my visa to the new employer. Is that not true?


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        I have one more question regarding this. If I am not able to find a job before July 1st, what are the other options for me to stay in this country and work as well.


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          There is no grace period. You will fall out of status as soon as employment is terminated. You will have to find a new employer to sponsor you to work with and to extend your stay in the country.