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H1B RFE for contract documents

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  • H1B RFE for contract documents

    I got RFE. I am able to find new job two weeks back. I am planning to join in next week. USCIS asking for all contract documents. I can present old contract documents. I am confused on new contract details. I have been recruited by big company(B) and they provide services to various clients. My repporting manager sits at B (different city) but I should work at client (C) place(onsite). It seems like project is outsourced to company B. I don't think I can get contract details between B and C. Who is my client now? Is it company B or company C? I have to provide location of work. I don't have much time please advice me what to do. My I94 expires on july 30th. I need to respond RFE quickly. Really appreciate your help.

    My spouse is on H1B. Worst case I would like to go for H4 or I will transfer my H1b to different company. If I do transfer I might face same issue with contract documents. Please advice...

    Thanks in advance

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    You have said you should work at client C, so you already have answer to ur question 'who is my client now?'.

    Submit whatever documents you have.


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      well..I don't think I can get contract between B and C. Because it would be at highlevel not associated with any individual. It is outsourced project to B and It is going to control all my duties. For example B is IBM.


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        What should I do if H1B extension gets rejected. Should I file H1B transfer immediately? Apply for MTR? Do both at same time? Apply for H4 ? Should I apply for H1 Transfer before I94 expires while RFE is in pending? I have approved I140, How can I use this for H1B transfer? I still have one and half year left to finish 6 years. Please advice me. I do not have much time..

        Thanks in advance.