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OPT and CoS to H1B

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    Didn't you just say the school was having trouble doing it and asked for alternatives? Go talk to the ISO.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      they are still getting to know the process i told what gobu has posted may be in a day i must know things..my employer is not keen on filing h1b now


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        The school helped my by putting up a ticket with the SEVIS and i the helpdesk said i can continue to work in OPT and apply for extension soon. Thank you guys the info has been very helpful


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          reinstating OPT, COS H-1B approved!! - urgent

          Hello guys,

          As you can guess, I am in full of S*** r8 now. I want to do as you did with your h-1b and getting back OPT from October 1st. my employer is ready to send a letter to revoke the petition.

          my questions are:

          1. how long it took for your employer to send a letter to USCIS?
          2. is sending a letter to revocate is enough OR do we have to wait till they finish revocating procedure?
          3. what does university officials need from me or my employer as an evidence for revocation?

          i would be greateful if you can clear my doubts. Please understand my situation and tension as you had gone through few weeks back. Please PM me or email me at reddy[dot]harikishore2gmail[dot]com

          Thank you so much


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            similar problem, some questions and some answers

            Originally posted by gobu35 View Post
            a) When the employer would file for revocation, would they get some sort of acknowledgment? Because if the revocation process takes long, then the school would need at least the acknowledgment to start the process?

            b) Also, since I am asking my employer to revoke the petition without even joining them, I am spoiling terms with them. In light of that, would they cooperate with me in giving me documentation related to acknowledgment or final revocation notice. Are they lawfully required to do so?

            Thanks a lot for your time. Really appreicate your timely responses. I have to decide this by EOD and hence the rush.

            Have you resolved your problems? I have a similar situation and need advice as well:

            I was on OPT and got an approved H1B which was to start on October 1, 2009. But the company is going down and the check they wrote to USCIS was bounced, and they wouldn't pay it off. The boss didn't even inform me of this. I found it out on the USCIS website. So I tried my best to ensure I would be back on F1 status after October 1st. The ISSS of my university also contacted SEVIS to not have my F1 terminated after 10/1. However, it turned out that my F1 was still terminated on 10/1 although I have mailed them all the documentation I have, explaining that situation at least 2 weeks before that. The SEVIS officers insisted that the formal revocation notice (I-797c) is the only acceptable document to prove that my H1B has been revoked. I sent them the Online Case Record which clearly shows my EAC Number but they said they don't accept it. But the thing is: since the company has lied too many times and bounced not only the H1B check but also my paycheck, we are in very bad terms and I have resigned. They simply refused to cooperate. I've tried to negotiate with them but they simply denied they have ever receive the I797. And when they finally agreed to call USCIS to ask for another copy, USCIS said they won't send that until the company pay off what they still owe USCIS. Now I'm so deadlocked for SEVIS insists to have the I797 that my previous employed refused to give me and USCIS refused to send a duplicate of. Guys, any advice, please?

            I guess this answers your second question a little bit: yes you need to be very careful about the attitude of your previous employer, 'cuz you WILL DEFINITELY need them to give your the final revocation notice (I-797).


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              H1B withdrawn , need OPT back - Help please


              My employer has refused to give the withdrawal confirmation.
              Is there any way to restore my OPT? I see many of you had similar situations.. how did you fix the problem??

              Please help !



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                Anybody can help?

                There's no way I can get the notice from my ex-employer. Now my university has turned to the ombudsperson to sort this problem for me, as SEVIS system insists on taking this revoke notice and nothing else as a proof. No news from the ombudsperson yet so far. I really hope people with similiar situation could gather here and share information with each other.