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  • txh1b
    1 is not needed. 2 is a must to show that he is still in valid L1 status which determines your valid status as well.
    3 would help. Write a letter detailing the benefit you are seeking, what documents you are attaching in the order attached etc. It is simple and no standard format exists.

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  • meena123
    started a topic COS to H4

    COS to H4

    Hello All,
    Here is my situation
    1) My husband and I entered US in dec 2006 on L1 & L2 from company A respectively, since then we have applied L1 and L-2 extensions twice and got approved. Current extended I-94 is valid till 10-01-2009.

    2)This year(2009) through the same company A, my husband got his H1 petition approved with COS from L-1(new I-94 valid from 10-01-2009)

    3)Since my husband got a valid I-94 on H1, now we want to apply for COS from L2 to H-4 to be in legal status.

    For COS from L2 to H4, we are doing the following
    a) Submit Form I-539
    and copys of
    b) Marriage certificate
    c) My husband's Form I-129
    d) H-1B approval notice valid from 10/01/2009 to 09/09/2012 along with new I-94
    e) L-1B approv4al notice valid from 10/02/2007 to 10/01/2009 along with I-94
    f) Current L2 approval notice valid from 10/02/2007 to 10/01/2009 along with I-94
    g) My passport
    h) My husband's passport

    Should I submit the following documents too along with above
    1) My husband's LCA for H1B
    2) My husband's Payslips
    3) Covering letter supporting COS from L2 to H4. If so what should be the contents of this letter.

    Please clarify the above ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards