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need advice stamped H1 march 2009 but will apply next year

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  • need advice stamped H1 march 2009 but will apply next year

    I am a doctor by profession and had applied fo H1 last year to join the residency in july 2008. but unfortunately following the delay due to security clearances my position was lost. my hospital was willing to give me the position this year too but i did not receive the visa by the time the list had to be submitted for the session july 2009. i received visa with stamped H1 valid till june 2011 in may. i am considering to apply for july 2010 and as the hospital is apparently willing to take me and i do not have to apply for all the visa process again i wish to go to only that hospital.
    can i enter and start my residency on the same visa. do u think i will be in trouble of any sorts of legal issues in future or before joining as currently i do not have job but only valid visa??
    please answer as this will help me to plan better.

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    No problem. You can use existing valid visa. Have a latest employment/offer letter before leaving for U.S.


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      thank you very much i really appreciate your prompt reply.