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LCA error pls suggest

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  • LCA error pls suggest

    My attorney filed for my LCA before my first 3 yr extension. She said me along with 14 other cases she filed had this strange LCA Error called "Your company does not exist". However she took a scanned copy of my previous LCA and refiled it again. Did anyone else received this kind of errors. Dunno why LCA used to take just 1 day earlier now its time taking.....pls post ur experiences and thoughts abt this. thank you

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    LCA Question senior members or others plss reply


    As i discussed earlier I received the message from DOL "Federal ID not found" a week later i applied for my LCA for H-1 extension.

    My attorney contact DOL this way

    "I have had 9 LCA's denied this week regarding FEIN number. As instructed, I faxed over FEIN information to given fax number. How long will it take for these to be certified?"

    DOL replied this way
    "Once documentation has been submitted, the information will be reviewed and you will be contacted via email directly when the FEIN number has been verified or not verified."

    May i know how many business days they will take to approve my LCA now after submitting additional documents??????