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Change of Status - B1 to H1B Transfer

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  • Change of Status - B1 to H1B Transfer

    Hi Friends,

    Please help. I did try to find this on this website with no luck. Please point me to section explaning this in detail,if any.

    I have got my H1 approval (I-797) in Sept 2007. Then i went to us embassy (India - Chennai) where they have asked to submit some more documents (like client letter and agreement) by giving me 221g form. I never replied to the query. But soon after i came to US through B1 Visa (valid till 2012) on Dec 2007 (I 94 valid till feb29, 2008). After getting here without my notice my employer filed for status change and I got my new I 797 with new I 94 (valid till Sept 10, 2010). I am working since then without any issues. Could you please help me with the following questions.

    1. Now I am going back to India for vacation. While getting back I need to go to embassy for stamping. What type/kind of questions arises?

    2. what kind of documents do I need to submit.

    3. if they refused to give me visa then what are my other options to come here? Do i need to apply a new H1B or can I come here through B1 Visa again (since it is valid till 2012)

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    This is duplicate post I guess.