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Knowledge on H1B Transfer.

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  • Knowledge on H1B Transfer.

    Hi All,
    This is chaitanya.I got H1B Visa stamped on Aug2007 provided by Satyam Computers. Till now i have not been travelled not even a single time to USA. Recently i have changed the company from Satyam to an US based Company. At the time of Exit Clearance, they have taken the original I79 form from me and before giving back the I79 I have taken a Xerox of the same. Now i want to know that
    • Can I transfer the Work Permit to present company using the Xerox of the previous I79 Form?
    • Actually I got the H1B stamped on Aug 2007.So will this nearly two years are considered for the expiry of my Visa?
    • Within how much time I need to get my Work Permit transferred to avoid the Visa Interview again?
    • Is the expiry time is calculated based on the stay at US or from the time the H1B Visa is stamped?
    Request to provide as much as elaborate information you can on H1B Transfer,Expiry,Renewal.

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    No need to get it re-stamped as long as the visa is valid. Read FAQs.
    H1b period counts for your stay inside US only.

    Request you to do some reading and homework, read the FAQs thoroughly and come back with more questions.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Knowledge on H1B Transfer.

      Hi All,

      Thanks a lot for your valuable info.Here i got one more doubt like in my visa stamping it is given that Visa is valid till Aug 2010 and got the info that i need to go for Renewal.After 3 years do i need to apply for a fresh Visa again?

      But in my case i didnot even travel once and stay at USA not even a single day.In my case also does the H1 gets expired by 2010 and need to get it renewed or do i need to renew my H1 after 3 years of my stay at USA?

      Also want to know that if i donot travel to USA by 2010 August then do i get the H1 renewed?

      Altogether i would like to know that the visa i am holding will help me to stay at USA for 6 years or not?

      Please provide me the detailed info.

      Thanks in Advance.


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        The previous reply clearly answers your questions. Did you read and understood?

        You can enter US anytime until visa expires.
        If it expired, you need to get new visa.
        If petition expires, your employer need apply for fresh H1.
        After you enter US, you will be given I-94, until petition expiry. After that you need to apply for extension.
        You are eligible for 6-years stay on your current H1.

        Read FAQ first.