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Question on filling out the 1-129 amandeing h1

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  • Question on filling out the 1-129 amandeing h1

    My H1B expires in September and was filed under a different company name, but they are a successor in interest. so we were planning on amending the H1B when we file to extend. The problem now is - the beneficiary is in a new position AND as of September 1, 2009 the company has changed addresses.

    A) In filling out the I-129 in Part 2, questions 2 and 5, what are the appropriate boxes to check?
    I am afraid if we amend the current application, it won't also be extended and he will fall out of status.

    part 2 Q 2asks " basic for classification" such as
    1- new employment
    2-continuance of previous approved employment
    3-change in previously approved employment
    4-new concurrent employment
    5-change of employer
    6- amended petition

    B) Also, what documents, other than what we have, should be included in the filing?

    We will file a new LCA with all updated information once we receive a certification of the current LCA and then withdraw it.

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    It depends on how similar or not similar is the new position to the older one. Why are you asking this question, your company HR/lawyers should do this for you. From what info you gave, it looks like it'll be 3. Read FAQs and abt H1 visa on this website. Internet is full of what documents are needed.