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Transferring h1 just before going for vaccation

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  • Transferring h1 just before going for vaccation


    I am currently working with company A which filed my h1 and is valid till sep 2010
    Last month i have got a better offer with company B and they want to do my H1 transfer.they are ready for premium processing.

    my problem is before company B came into picture i was sanctioned 1 month leave with company A and have booked tickets to INdia queit in advance.
    company B is fine with me taking leave but they r going to STArt my filing of h1 process in mid oct and my travel is booked to india nov 30 and return on dec 31.

    my questions

    will this transfer process cause any problem when i return to US at P.O.E ?
    Can company A cause any prob for me in returning back to US because consequently by dec 31 2009 they would have come to know of my h1 transfer.
    Will the stamp of comp A till 2010 hold valid.?
    do i have to go to india and get visa stamp for comp B or here in US i can do and go rest assured on my trip by Nov 30 as planned?
    company B is not ready to wait further,should i have to cancel my trip.As this has been planned quiet in advance,evryone is quiet eagerly waiting for us there.

    Suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    P.S i have a 5 months infant so want to avoid any problems while travel ling.Want to travel safe.She was born here and holds a american passport.