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L1 to H1 (urgent..please answer)

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  • L1 to H1 (urgent..please answer)

    Hi friends,

    This query may not be new to you. But its new to me. Please help me

    I have L-1b from company A valid till Nov 2010. Am currently in India and will be travelling to US in this month end.

    I have a H1b filed (Non-COS) through another company B this year and it is approved (No stamping yet)

    #1. Since my h1b petition is approved, my L1b is invalid ?

    #2. Can i go to US on L1b ? (Not going to stamp my h1b soon)

    #3. Can i apply for COS from US while working on L1b ?

    #4. If i wish to transfer my H1b to a direct company.. does my H1b transfer from a company B to C is possible with out pay stubs ?

    Please help me in this regard. thanks in advance

  • #2
    #1. No. L1 would be valid too.

    #2. Yes

    #3. Yes

    #4. Yes (without pay stubs from B)