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Re-stamping H1B visa - doubt.

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  • Re-stamping H1B visa - doubt.

    Hi txh1b, OMM, subramaniam, orion and all seniors.

    my first stamp done from my work permit holding country in europe (norway).
    now I am in USA, my H1B visa is expiered and thinking to go for Mexico restamping.
    but my question is : I heared once you stamp your visa outside from your home country then applicant not elligible to re-stamping second time from outside his/her home country (country of origine). I dont have now work permit of norway, I am affraid I dont want to go india for re-stamping. it is possible to stamp from mexico in this matter or not?
    Prashant desai.

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    There are no such rules. Nothing to worry.
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      Originally posted by immihelp View Post
      There are no such rules. Nothing to worry.
      -- Ohh thanks, in my company my coworker told me that if you once stamping from outside your home country then you cant get stamp second time outside from your home country, so I worried to go india and stay there, thats totaly expensive, worthless and time consuming for me.
      Thanks immihelp admin..
      Prashant desai