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H1b appeal under process - wish to retain F1 staus, OPT

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  • H1b appeal under process - wish to retain F1 staus, OPT

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I am in a situation where I have to take a quick action to save my student status by revoking h1b application.
    My H1b case was denied in Aug. My employer filed an appeal to reconsider the case which is still pending. I don't have receipt or any documents related to this filing.
    The company had filed application indicating my project starts on Oct 5th. As per my knowledge, I am not on payroll as yet and working as unpaid employee under training.
    I want to quit this job, revoke H1b application, remain on student status and retain OPT work status. Once I get on H1b status I will loose my OPT.
    I am looking for ways to safeguard my student status.
    I would like to know if I can revoke my H1-b application by myself? How?
    I am not sure how prompt will be my consulting company to file revoke application after they come to know that I want to quit. I am not sure if he can show me on payroll without my knowledge. If he continues doing that and H1b gets granted my status will be switched to H1b and I will loose OPT and f1 status.
    My worry is, if the h1b status is granted in future (may be 5 days or 5 months later) I will loose my student status.
    what if I update my employment status to SEVIS through my school, indicating I quit the current job? Will this make sure I don't face any status changes whenever this H1b is granted?
    Is a resignation letter from my side enough to take care of any status changes in future?
    Please let me know how do I safely quit on this job.
    I will really appreciate any kind of input from you.
    Thank you very much in advance for you time and guidance.