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Company address and living address is different ??

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  • Company address and living address is different ??

    I am working for a company they provide technical customer supports and service for various projects. Since I came to USA in Oct 2001 I am living in one state but my company office is another state. At present my labor certificate in process.

    My question; Is any problem later, while filing for I-140 and I-485 ?? If I have resident address and company address is different??

    Thanks for your answer.


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    There shouldn't be any problem as long as your company is filing the taxes for the state where your are currently working.
    Do you know from where your company is filing your taxes?
    Whether it's for the state in which your company exists or for the state you are working in?


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      Thanks Friend

      Regarding my tex, My company is paying in the state they have office, but My Tex consultant he is getting some mony back from that state and I have to pay some tex on the state that I am living at this time. Do you think that will make a problem during Green card process??