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h1b visa stamping chennai

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  • h1b visa stamping chennai

    my h1b visa expired sept 04..due to some emergency situation i am now in india..my company has filed my h1b renewal on premium processing a week back..now my doubts are:
    -hw long does it actually take for the approval to come thru?
    -and in chennai, they dont have any appointment before jan 05? is there any way i can get an appointment before that? can i apply in delhi/calcutta? if so, what valid reasons should i give them for that? also is there any other way of getting an appointment other than online (ie thru tts visas)
    -and after interview how long does it take for the stamping?
    any help in this regard is highly appreciated!

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    1. Look at http://www.immihelp.com/trackerhttps.../h1stamping.do
    2. No. Whether you get through TTSVisas in person or online, it is going be same dates.
    Read 'Urgent U.S. Visa-Seekers from Chennai, Mumbai may apply in Delhi, Kolkata' at http://www.immihelp.com/articles/

    3. Read https://www.immihelp.com/usa-visas/h1b
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      h1b stamping at chennai to delhi/calcutta

      in case of applicant residing in chennai, applying in delhi/calcutta what valid reasons are to be given?? in fact wht reasons do they accept?? because, the next avaliable date at chennai consulate is in the first week of jan 05(for h1b stamping) and a little earlier in delhi..any body with relevant experience pleasssse get back..am in an emergency situation stuck up in india and have to get back to US atleast by this year's end!! plzzzz help