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    I have my employer changed and applied for H1-transfer in june and my I-94 from my previous employer is valid till jan -2012 and visa is expired.

    If am getting a 797B will it make my current I-94 void and do i have to go out of the country immediatley for visa stamping ? or i am in status till the validity date of my previous I-94 ( )


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    You'll get new I-94 attached to approval notice.


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      SK4IH : I am not asking about the I-797A with a new I-94. If I get a 797B without a I-94 attached what will be the situtation?



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        You'll not get 797 B. You will get 797 A when you apply for transfer.
        Incase if you still don't get new I-94, you can stay until old I-94 date.
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          What sk4ih has mentioned is true/correct.

          You should be receiving I-797 A (even for the transfer) or I say Most of the times - I-797A is given.
          Ideally it should be with new I-94 , but in case it is not there- contact your attorney to find out abt the same/why it is missing /get the confirmation from USCIS.

          Thanks and regards,


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            extension of stay got denied.

            Follow up for someone's future reference.

            I got I797B without a I-94. During H1 transfer, there was a problem in the paystubs i submitted.I was out of status for three days during the transition.(USCIS mentioned this, along with the approved petition. Hence my petition was approved and not my extension of stay). I need to travel back to india and get it stamped. I went to india and attended the visa interview and got the passport with visa stamped in two days and came back.

            VO asked the following Questions
            1. why did u leave your previous employer?
            2. how long u were out of status and why?
            3. can i have your EVL and current paystubs. (detailed EVL is important. person infront of me got 221G for an EVL that missed some details).

            And she granted the visa.