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H4 to H1....please reply

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  • H4 to H1....please reply

    I had applied for H1 visa in 2008 , but it was in pending state as I was handed form 221(g) and I haven’t received any replies from consulate yet, assuming that it is denied. so I have decided to apply for H4 visa & then I will again apply for new H1.
    What are the problems I would face with this decision and how long this whole process can take? What are the chances of me getting H1?
    I also have B1/B2 visa will that get cancelled out if i apply for H4?

    Thanks for bringing up this website...the contents are very helpful

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    No issues for H4.
    New H1 approval depends on the employer and job.

    B1/B2 will not be canceled.