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Need to Get Stamping for NEW H-1 (came from F-1)

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  • Need to Get Stamping for NEW H-1 (came from F-1)

    I changed my status from F-1 to H-1 and got a new H-1 processed which started OCT 1st. And I am on a job getting paychecks and everything is straight on the job front.

    My question is that I dont want to risk my job and go india or canada or mexico to get stamping, because if I dont, I am totally screwed. For me job is more important than visiting India. Is there anyway to get the Visa processed through mail etc., and if not which is the Less-Risk-Way of getting stamped - India, canada or mexico.


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    Same here. I have decided not to travel home for the next 2 yrs til I receive my greencard. There're just too many things that can go wrong trying to get the H1 visa due to heighten security, etc. However, I read somewhere your lawyer can do it for you w/o you appearing in person though I'm not sure.

    Best of luck!