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Question about form DS156 URGENT

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  • Question about form DS156 URGENT

    here is my situation:
    I have been in the states since aug 2005. I graduated in sept 2006 and worked for two years on OPT and my H1 application was approved last year (2009). I have come back to Mumbai after 4 and a half years.

    I need advise regarding two questions on the DS 156 form:
    1) How long do you intend to stay in the united states?
    A) Can I write 'Duration of the H1' here

    2) how long were you in the United states?
    A) Can I mention since august 2005 here

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    It would be better if you could enter the answers in Years and Months (Example: XX years and YY months) instead of the VO calculating it. For the 1st question, calculate the duration from the visa interview to the petition expiry date.
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