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H1B request for evidence (transcript)

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  • H1B request for evidence (transcript)

    could anybody please help with the following situation?

    I was one of the last applicants to file for a H1B before they reached the quota. The lawyer filed in december and it was approved before the cap reached. Yesterday, the status changed to 'Request for Evidence".

    The lawyer wants to provide a thorough job description with a copy of my degree transcript (as well as my degree certificate which we orignally gave to them).

    I scored an average B- overall and wasn't happy with some grades (which look very low on the certificate).

    My question is:

    - Will my grades affect my chances of approval?
    - Would the immigration service look at my grades critically?

    I have already been offered the job and I'm officially qualifying for a H1B visa (I have a suitable degree), I just concern that the immigration service will think I'm not qualify.

    I thank you for your help. Shukriyaa (Bahut dhanyavaad)

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    Hi Deepak,

    Ideally speaking - they don;t disqualify any applicant because of his grades/marks .

    Basic requirement is whether an applicant has done the required education /degree for H1 and if that education is equivalent to US education system (for this they do the evaluation which is generally done before H1 is approved)

    Thanks and regards,


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      Thankyou for your reply Abhay, it's really appreciated.

      If anybody else has any opinion to add or personal experiences similar to mine, I'd truly appreciate any input.


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        I do not think it will matter. The lawyer only wants to show that yours was a 4 year degree and that you took courses relevant to the job description.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.