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H1B Re-interview 221(g)

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  • H1B Re-interview 221(g)

    Dear Sir,
    This is to bring in your attention that I have been interviewed for H1B extension on Nov 24th 2009 in New Delhi embassy.
    As I have to go back to US so in that case I had to appear for the visa interview in New Delhi. After interview the Visa officer told me that I will get my passport in 5 business days. Then I requested him to collect the passport from the VFS which he said is ok to him and I can collect it the next day. From then whenever I called VFS they always say that they haven’t received my passport from the embassy.
    At first when I called the embassy they told me that my visa has been issued and they have delivered it to VFS.
    The next day when I called they told me that the visa is done and your passport is in under admin processing. I also wrote a mail and got the response which states that my case is pending under sec 221(g).
    On Dec 14th 2009 when I again called the embassy regarding the update of the case, I was first told that my visa has been issued and they have delivered it to VFS. When I told them that VFS has not received my passport then they look it again and told me that embassy have sent me a re-interview mail on Nov 23th 2009. In response I told them that I have not received any such mail and in return the representative told me that they will send me an updated mail in some time. After that I told the representative on the phone that I received a response of the mail from the embassy that my case is on hold under sec 221(g). After listening to that the rep told me that that this is the latest update and I need to wait.
    On 16th Dec I received a mail from embassy that I need to reappear for the visa interview. So I appeared for the visa re- interview on Dec 22nd 2009 at US Embassy.
    After reaching there on the first window I was first told that they have issued me the visa on 25th Nov 2009. But after a minute the lady again told me that I have to appear for the re-interview in front of the visa officer. So she asked me to wait for my turn for the visa interview.
    Then after about 25 minutes, I was called by the same visa officer who took my interview on 24th Nov 2009.
    The questions asked to me briefly are as under:
    1. Why are you going to US?
    For work
    2. Since how long are you in US?
    From last 13 months
    3. Since how long are you in India and why you came to India?
    I am here from last 1 and a half month and I came here to set up the lab for the offshore team. Also I have to give the knowledge transfer to my Indian team.
    4. For how long are you working with X company?
    I am with X from last four years.
    5. For how long you worked with X in India?
    I worked with X India till Apr 2007 then I went to Australia in Apr 2007 from X to work on a project in Australia. Then I presented the X’s Australia offer letter and Income tax proof of Australia.
    6. Then he asked the name of my reporting manager before going to US?
    I answered the name.
    7. Then he asked the name of the current project manager?
    I answered Mr. XYZ
    8. Then he asked will he be able to confirm my employment?
    I said definitely he will confirm it. As I was not carrying the contact details of Mr. XYZ so he said he will call and confirm afterwards.
    9. Then he said where is X located in Delhi
    I have the address
    10. Then he asked me to show the recent pay stubs and employment letter?
    I showed him the recent pay stubs starting Oct 2008 till Oct 2009. I also clarified him that for the month of Nov 2009, my salary slip is lying in my US apartment. I also showed him the EVL letter along with the US offer letter.
    11. What do you do in X?
    I am a Senior Software Engineer / Senior Testing Engineer. My profile is to test the applications and validate them that they are designed as per the technical and business documents

    12. When will you go to US?
    I answered the day my visa will get clear.

    There after he handed me Yellow slip on which he entered the case number 11111111and date11111111 and told me that he is keeping my passport with him for admin processing. Then he told me that I will receive a call from embassy about the visa status.

    He kept the following documents for the validation.
    a. Passport
    b. DS156 and DS157 forms
    c. Letter from employer
    d. EVL Letter
    e. US Offer Letter
    f. Australia offer letter
    g. Re-interview letter mail

    Since then I am trying to track the case number on the pdf of the embassy, but my case number is not listed on there. Please suggest what can be done in this case as my client is shouting on me.

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    h1b reinterview

    did you hear back from embassy or hear back ?