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6 yrs complete on H1

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  • 6 yrs complete on H1

    Hi All
    My wife is on H1-B visa status and 6 yrs on hr H1 end this Dec, 2010. My question is:
    1) IS it mandatory to go out of US for a year before she can apply for fresh H1-B?
    2) Wht if she persue her company to file an L1 for me? Does this regulation of staying out of country still holds good for L1 visa also?
    3) As I have few more yrs on my H1, wht if she becomes a dependent on me (H4) and does not work for year? Can she apply for fresh H1 after one year, if she is converted to H4 ( and not worked for a yr).
    Basically wanted to check if it is mandatory for a person to be out of US for a duation of one yr , after the 6 yr tenure had expired.
    Kindly let me know if anybody has any pointers/guidence to this. Appreciate a lot


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    1) Yes
    2) Yes L1+H1=6 yrs
    3) Yes, she can be on H4. But has to be out of US for fresh H1.