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  • Is it logical?


    My company is filling a petition for a H1B visa. Like i saw on your web site, they need to file the form I-129. But in the intructions of this form i can see written the following:

    "Requested employment start date is on/after 10/01/2010.Petitioner may not file more than six month in advance of the requested start date"

    What i dont understand is that we need to send my application on April 1st. So we need to file the form I-129 before April 1st, so more than 6 months before Oct 1st.
    I dont understand the logic, should we write on the form that we have filled the form on april 1st even if it s not true?

    I would appreciate some help please


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    That's okay. New H1B's can filed on April 1st with a start date of Oct 1st.
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      But they will see it s not true no? We filed let s say on March and write on the form it is April first. Then we send to the USCIS the form I-129 filled on March 15th, the USCIS will see that it is not possible we have filled the form on April 1st.....

      I know we have to send the H1B application on April 1st but I dont know where we have to send it or if we have to go some place to give it to someone? Is the form I-129 the only form to give for the application? I think it is much more paper to give to participate to the lotery. If you can give me some light on the process, it would be nice.

      But still, i guess we need that the USCIS validates the form I-129 before april 1st no? Like this we are sure that the application is filled correctly before to send it some place on April 1st...

      Thanks for your help