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H4 Visa - Expecting your help...

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  • H4 Visa - Expecting your help...


    I came to US for H1-B few days back and my family members wife and son are there in my Home contry. I didn't file H4 for them and am going to file the H4-dependant visa, Before that I would like to know few things.

    1. How soon I can get the H4 approval papers, that means How long it will take to get the H4 approval papers...

    2. Do I need to Include my name on my son's and wife passport?

    3. I tried to get a passport for my son, Indian passport officer told I need to get some papers from Indian Embacy in US. Can anyone explain me what / which paper I have to get and where should I get. Kindly update the exact address or contact phone numbers.

    Thank you

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    Read https://www.immihelp.com/usa-visas/h1b
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