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    Hi i am on a H-1 Visa now and am going to mumbai to stamp it in jaunary 05.

    I converted my F-1 visa to a H-1.

    One of the questions on visa form for the H-1 is whether my visa was ever rejected.

    I appiled for my F-1 visa on aug. 10 1999 and was asked to come back with appropriate documentation. I reapplied on aug. 30th and was granted my F-1 visa.

    My passport at the back was stamped as "Application recd. Aug. 10 1999"
    There is no stamp as "rejected"..

    My question is whether the first application on aug. 10 th 1999 constitues a rejection..?

    What do i write on the for the H-1 form..Whether have i ever been refused a visa for the US...Do i mark YES or NO...


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    "Application received" really means "Rejected"
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