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221(g) fom for project specifics

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  • 221(g) fom for project specifics

    I had interview on 6th feb and received 221(g) fom which ask for project specifics.
    did anyone knows what should be include in that?

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    Your company should provide strong evidence to show that they have specific, H1B-level work for you. If you will be working on a project at the firm, the Visa Officer expects to be provided with detailed information on the project, including its technical specifications, your roles and responsibilities in the project, the end-product, and a business plan / market analysis (target market, expected revenue stream, anticipated length of the project, etc). If the project will not earn a revenue stream in a relatively short period of time, the firm should be prepared to provide evidence that the H1B employee’s salary can be paid through other means.

    If you will be placed at a client site, then the location of the end client, client letter, contracts (Statement of work, Purchase Order) etc., with the end client will help.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.