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Passport Expiry and H1Visa Stamping

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  • dc1974
    you dont need to get the visa restamped on your new passport.
    you can apply for a new passport within US with the Indian embassy and would have to travel with both passports.

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  • ssakthi
    started a topic Passport Expiry and H1Visa Stamping

    Passport Expiry and H1Visa Stamping

    hi all,
    i had an h1visa with company x which was valid from aug27-2003
    to sep 04 - 2004.
    July time frame i changed to another company y and got h1 transfer.
    I got my approval notice for transfer. New approval notice period
    is valid up to july 20 - 2007.

    My passport is going to expire in sep 4 - 2005.
    i am planning to make a trip in december.
    if i want to get the stamping for the transfered h1 - will INS stamp
    visa for visa validity period up to new approval notice validity
    (july 20 - 2007) or will give the visa for only up to passport expiry (sep 4 - 2005) ?

    2) if the visa stamping will be given only upto the passport expiry - do i
    need to get visa stamped again when i get the passport renewed ?