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Can I get orders for my buying house in India

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  • Can I get orders for my buying house in India

    I am a partner in a small buying house in India. I am currently in US under H4 and will remain here for atleast 2 yrs. Can I try and get orders for my company and act as a middle man . Basically taking orders in US and giving it to my company in India . The company in India can then send the items and get billed directly.
    Please let me know if it is legal to do so
    Ur help is appreciated

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    I don't understand what you are trying to do?

    Are you trying to buy house or do some business?
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      I am not buying a house

      I am partner in a company in India that buys products manufactured in India and sells it to customers in US. We get orders by contacting people. Since I am now here in US on a H4 visa I wanted to know if I can personally contact people to get orders from them, send these orders to India and then let my partner in India take care of shipping and billing. Will it be legal , since I am not allowed to work in US under my visa status.


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        Working as a hidden partner

        You can work as an agent for your company in India. But you should not get any payment under your name in USA. You can make calls as indian company's rep and even ask for orders etc but there should not be any finicial gain in USA to you, by any means.
        Eventually, on H4, its illegal but just to keep yourself busy you can explore the possibility of export-import as a contacting point for your indian company.