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H1B Transfer from India

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  • H1B Transfer from India


    I had an H1B VISA with Company A from Dec 07 2015 to July 31 2018, and when my Company A filed H1B extension it got denied by USCIS. Now I moved to INDIA working for the same Company A from offshore.

    As I completed only 3 years of my 6 years H1B period and I have an approved I 140 with Company A I get to know that I am CAP exempt and my Company A can file extension at any point of time from INDIA.

    Now I got an another option from Company B, they are ready to process my H1B transfer. So here I would like to check, will it be possible to transfer my H1B VISA to Company B while I am working from INDIA ?

    What would happen to my approved I140 ?

    Please help me with the information.

    Thanks & Regards

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    This is possible and I have done it successfully this year. If your i-140 is more than 6 months after approval , it cannot be withdrawn.