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h1b filed and approved without change of status, opt extension rejected

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  • h1b filed and approved without change of status, opt extension rejected

    Hi everyone,

    I have the following questions:

    I was on a valid post completion opt status(C03B) till Nov 20, 2018, and had applied for my opt extension before this status expired. I got the receipt notice(I797C) for this extension on Nov 2,2018. This notice allows me to work for the next 180 days.

    Later I got my H1B approval(I797B) with a validity from Dec 14,2018 to Sept 5, 2021. Since my H1B got approved, my SEVIS record automatically got updated. I went to my university today and they said that they cannot do anything for me anymore.

    Since Nov 2, 2018, my opt extension application was still in progress until I got a denial letter on March 19, 2019.

    1) Because the H1B was not filed with a change of status, what is my current immigration status?

    2) Would it be possible to file for a change of status application as soon as possible since the opt extension denial is dated March 19? How is my current H1B approval affected by this?

    3) Since I got the opt extension decline on March 19,2019, was I on F1 status till this date or I lost my F1 status the day my SEVIS record was updated?

    4) If I have to travel back to India and get my visa stamping for the H1B approval, how will I be able to prove that I was on a valid nonimmigrant status from the date my SEVIS record got updated?

    5) What penalties I might have to face because of overstaying in the USA and working without a valid status(if that is the case)?

    6) What do you recommend as the plan of action for me now?