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H4 Travel and stamping while H1 Petition is pending

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  • H4 Travel and stamping while H1 Petition is pending

    I am currently working on H4 EAD valid till April, 2021 along with I-94 and I-797 reflects the same date but H4 Visa is expired on august,2018.
    My current employer filed my H1 petition with COS for the year 2019.

    Due to personal emergency, i would like to visit india in first week of May, 2019 and coming back on last week of May,2019.

    I am planning to go for H4 stamping (drop box option) when i am in india as my H4 Visa is expired.

    1. Will there be any problem for H4 Stamping, while my H1 Petition is pending ?

    2. Post H4 Stamping and re-entering the USA , can i continue work under H4 EAD till its validity irrespective of H1 petition status ?

    3. Is there any problem during CBP check for H4 entry, since my H1 Petition is pending ?

    4. Other than COS getting abandon and i need to go for Consular processing for H1 Stamping, do i need to worry on any other concerns ?