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H4 Application with EAD

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  • H4 Application with EAD


    I am on H1B VISA, my I-140 was approved 2 months ago, my H1-B is due to for renewal.

    While i submit my application for H1-B extension, i submitted application for my wife H4 status extension and also EAD for the first time.

    My H1-B extension was submitted by my employer lawyer and i decided to submit H4 and EAD my self.

    My lawyer sent my H1-B with lawyer representation and my H4 and EAD without layer representation to USCIS.

    USCIS returned my wife H4 and EAD with a reason that i did not pay the fee for biometric screening.

    Can i resubmit with the proper fee, do i need to send this along with the latest H1-B application receipt number? My H1-B was sent to california center, can i resend my wife's H4 and EAD to the same location?

    DO i need to reprint the entire application again or send the same application?