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Lost I-797B

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  • Lost I-797B

    My brother got the H1B Visa stamped. but, the I-797B H1B Approval Notice was retained/misplaced by the embassy.
    When contacted the embassy,they told the get the attorney's original copy. But since the petition was filed directly to the INS through the petitioner, attorney's copy is not available. Now how he can get the Duplicate I-797B Approval Notice.

    I heard that through I-824, he can apply for an Duplicate I-797B Approval Notice. How long it will take to get the duplicate.
    For your infomation :This H1B was processed through "premium" processing.

    He as the photocopy of the I-797B H1B Approval Notice and visa stamped in his passport.

    Can he enter USA with copy of the I-797B and do the I-824 after coming here. Will it be a probelm in the port of entry when we say I-797B is missing and have photocopy and will get duplicate I-824 is applied? please help. thanks

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    We have sent emails/Faxes requesting a copy of the notice. Try if you are lucky. I824 takes too long. It took one year for one our employees.

    This not a legal advice. Please use at your own risk or contact a legal professional.


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      Lost I797B form in consulate

      I am also in same boat. My wife's I797B original has not been returned by Chennai Consulate. She got her visa but she does not have I797B form. What is the best solution in this case. We have already requested the consulate to trace and send it back. But I guess they will not do it immeidately. We both want to fly by Jan 2005 end. Waiting for some positive response from Chennai.

      Meanwhile does anyone has genuine info of how long it takes to get a duplicate copy from INS service center.

      I really wonder after getting H1 Visa also we will not be able to travel because of that peice of paper.

      Can anyone guide me in this regard.

      Thanks in Advance