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H1 B Transfer (Need help)

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  • H1 B Transfer (Need help)

    I am on H1 working for an employer E1 and recently I transferred my H1 to a new employer E2. The new employer has filed the H1 transfer (normal) and provided me the receipt number for my H1 transfer, but he is saying that It might take upto 2 to 3 months to get my petition approval/H1 documents.

    Can some one please help me knowing answers to the following:

    1. Currenly I am working for employer E2 but I have a good job offer now from a new employer E3. Is it possible that I can transfer my H1 to the employer E3 without my H1 documents from E2 (I only have the H1 transfer case number). If yes, then should I use the E (my first employer H1 documents or should I use the Case Number provided by my new employer E2.)

    2. What documents (also aditional documents if any) do I need to transfer my H1 to employer E3 in this case?

    3. What are the risks involved in this process of transferring?

    Kind Regards,

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    Yes you can transfer to E3. You should have paystubs from E2 for all the period you worked. It's always a good Idea to enclose a copy of the receipt notice from E2 and approval notice from E1 and pastubs if E3 applies. If you still have problems post a message again.

    This not a legal advice. Please use at your own risk or contact a legal professional.