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H1 transfer with old I-94

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  • H1 transfer with old I-94


    This is my first h1 in USA.
    Employer A - visa valid till August 2019
    Entry to USA - August 2017
    return from us - April 1st 2019
    reentry to USA- April 28 2019

    In 2017 August I came to USA and got I-94 12345(for e.g.) and my visa with emp!oyer A will expire in. august 2019. I submitted all docs for h1 transfer (premium) With I-94 12345
    ​​​to company B and came to India for vacation.

    My h1 transfer got approved when am in India.Now company B hr asking to get I797 docs and show in port of entry such that u can enter into us with copmany B to avoid I94 issues.b because company B filed with old I94 12345.
    ​​​​​​ what should I do ?
    1) can I enter us with employer A I will get latest I94 67890(example) and company B can update with latest I94?
    2)is it ok to show my company B docs at port of entry

    Please help in this situation