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H1 B Visa experience

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  • H1 B Visa experience

    Consulate: Hyderabad
    DATE: 04/10
    Approved visa for two people in front of me; rejected for one man who trade dogs

    VO: Good morning
    A: Very good morning; how are you?
    VO: I have cold, thanks for asking
    VO: Do you work for xx employer?
    A: yes, I work for XX
    VO: How long have been working for XX?
    A: I worked for 4 years now
    VO: Is this your extension?
    A: Sorry (I had trouble hearing)
    VO: Is this your extension?
    A: Yes;
    VO: Highest qualification
    A: Masters
    VO: in?
    A: Computer Technology
    VO: Do you work for end client or employer?
    A: I work for End client YY
    VO: what is your designation?
    A: CSA
    VO: What do they do?
    A: Explained about client
    Vo: Do you know your rights?
    A: Yes, I do
    VO: Your visa is approved; Have a good day.
    A: Thanks a lot; Hope for your fast recovery

    Passport issued on 04/15