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No local office. H1B work from Home permanently.

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  • No local office. H1B work from Home permanently.

    Hello Everyone,

    I work for a small American product firm as a FTE. Have no access to attorney. The owner’s office is based out of PHL and we had a small office location in Atlanta. Now the owner has closed the ATL location and he is totally okay with me working from home all time.

    During my renewal petition, I was going to mention my Home as a work location.

    There are some questions about offsite.

    1. Is working from home considered offsite?

    2. Has anybody in this position where they have no office location close by and completely worked from home? I would like to pick your thoughts on immigration related problems if faced any.

    Any other suggestions on my H1B renewal situation are appreciated.


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    Hi Reddy, I am currently in the same situation.

    Can you please tell me what action was taken in your case.