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L1A to Cap Exempt H1B

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  • L1A to Cap Exempt H1B

    Hi -

    I stayed in US between 2010 and 2015 spending 4 years in my H1B visa. I went to back to India and stayed for 3 years. I got my L1A visa in 2018 instead of going for cap-exempt H1B Extension.

    I have stayed for 1.5 years in L1A as of now. I wanted to move to a different employer and I was wondering if I could use my cap exempt H1B petition to get the remaining 2 years? I don't have approved I140 or Perm.

    Does the L1A stay in US count against the H1B visa (6 years) even though I stayed outside for US for 1 year?

    Please suggest.