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H1 B visa interview advice

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  • H1 B visa interview advice

    I was working with a company A in chennai , when a company B (also from chennai ) filed my H1 B Petition (July 2004) . Inbetween i changed to another company C and came to UAE (permanent position) .
    Now my H1B petition has been approved and interview scheduled in chennai consulate in jan 2005.

    Would this change of employer after H1 petition filing hamper/affect the interview process or result in some odd questions being asked during the interview.

    Your advice is highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regds

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    Not really..If you are a resident of UAE - You may apply at a consulate in Abu Dhabhi or Dubai. (U may use the same H1B and tell them that your situation changed) Changing employers is common.

    This is not a legal advice. You may use at your own risk or contact a legal professional.