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H1B dropbox experience - Jun 2019

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  • H1B dropbox experience - Jun 2019

    Hi, anyone have experience.

    Jun 3rd morning 11 AM - I dropped the H1B, H4s application
    Jun 4th - Status : Application Received
    Jun 5th - Holiday
    Jun 6th - Status : Application Received
    Jun 7th - Status : Application Received ( but last updated date changed to Jun 7th )

    Currently i am waiting for next update. Anybody did dropbox on Jun3rd or near to it. what is your status ?. I don't know how long to wait.


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    Did Dropbox on 13th May in mumbai
    Case created on 14th May
    16th May administrative process, received to 221g green slip and appeared for interview on 24th May
    VISA APPROVED and passport is with embassy and from 1st June its showing
    “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted” when i see with passportstatus site and when i ceac site showing last case updated on 24th May ( same day when i appeared for interview) administrative processing.

    case again updated on 3rd june ceac site still showing admin process

    I’ve been trying to track my passport and I’m getting these different replies from these different sources recently:

    USTRAVELDOCS Profile: “Document Delivery Information” instead of “Your passport is still with consulate/embassy”

    passportstatus email: “There’s no status update available for the passport number submitted”

    My CEAC visa status still says admin processing though.


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      Jun 10th - Status moved to Administrative Processing.. Hope it goes ok.


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        10th june around 4 pm the status again got update but showing Administrative Processing


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          Today again on 11th june case updated but still admin processing. not sure what to do