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H4-->H1 transfer

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  • H4-->H1 transfer

    Right now i am on H4 visa and i am in us.
    I want to apply for H1b.

    I have following questions?

    1) Can i go to India after applying H1b Visa (without receiving H1b Approval Notice)

    while coming back if we receive the H1b approval notice

    can i come back on H4 visa and work on H1b (without h1b stamping )?

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    THis is not strictly Legal but.. still I have gone through same

    As long you have valid H4 visa... stamped on your passport you can reenter in to US... It doesn't matter which visa...

    If you get approval of visa, you should get it stamped and then enter into US else lets say if you went to India on H4 and your H1 is in process and you came back to US on H4 and then got H1 approval.. you can start working..
    while you are in US you don't need to get it stamped in order to work...

    You need it stamped on passport only if you went out to US after getting approval and want to reenter to US


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      One more question

      Hi pinewilly,
      Thanks for your reply...
      Suppose If i go to india after applying H1b and if H1b is approved while i am in INDDIA, Can i enter to usa on H4 and work on h1b ?

      Thanks in advance