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H1b transfer and H1b ammendment in parallel

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  • H1b transfer and H1b ammendment in parallel

    Hii thanks for reading, hello me if you can !!

    So, If I have a H1B Visa with my current company X and they applied for "a site relocation" ammendment to H1B this week and are telling me it might take 6 months for approval. Now, I might get an H1B Transfer for a new company Y whom I got an offer from recently that I want to move to next month.. so.. 1. Do I have to tell new company Y of my ammendment to my h1b in process?
    2. Is it risky to have both in process at same time ?
    3. If I get h1b transferred to new company Y (premium processing) before the h1b ammendment with current company X ( normal processing) completes and 5 months later amendment is finished, will it override my h1b transfer? What will be considered by USCIS?

    Please help!! God bless.

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    Yes I think you should let your company Y know that an amendment has been filed for your H1b it will not make any impact. Also if your transfer is approved you may switch to that petition and i don't think there will be any impact if your amendment is approved or rejected as you already left that petiton and is on new approved petition. But to be sure try connecting with the new employer attorneys and get it confirmed from them.