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H1B Admin processing 221g Blue slip

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  • H1B Admin processing 221g Blue slip

    Hi All,

    I received 221g blue slip from Chennai consulate and passport kept with VO,. This is my 1st h1 stamping (f1 to h1).
    visa interview :June 28th 2019

    VO asked basic questions like who is emp, salary, place of work, client, client letter, vendor letter, and asked university which i graduated from, and she asked me that "have you been out of status or have't paid the SEVIS fee when ur in f1 ? (i am not been out of status in my f1 visa) later she issue 221g blue slip having checked admin processing not additional documents required.

    Any faced same situation? when can i expect to get it clear? any insight please

    Thank you

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    today i Got my passport with visa stamped


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      June 28th interview
      July 2nd status Issued
      July 4th got my passport