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    Hi All, I just want to share my H1B experience as it took a long waiting period of 13 months to get final approval.
    In May 2018, I got pick-up notice that my petition got selected through a computer-generated lottery system. In October 2018, I received an RFE, response to RFE was submitted by my petitioner in December 2019. In Feb 2019, I received an i-129 approval notice and appeared for an interview on 5th April at the New Delhi embassy. In the in-person interview, I received 221(g) for additional documents. In May-mid, my petitioner again submitted the additional document through email as required. Within 1 week after submitting the additional document received an email from the embassy to submit my passport at a drop-off location.

    Now here comes the strange thing... Everyone was guiding me that if the embassy has asked to submit a passport this means you'll get your visa stamped with 4-5 working days. The strange thing is that they hold my passport for 45 days and finally I get a visa in July 2019.

    Through my experience, I can say that if your petition gets selected in the lottery system, sooner or later you'll get your H1B if you have provided all the information correctly.