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H1 Transfer denied - need inputs/options

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  • H1 Transfer denied - need inputs/options


    One of my friends' scenario is below

    1. Currently she is with Employer A and the I 94 is valid until September 2019. Candidate is on technology role and has never had any denials/RFE's in the past.
    2. She got a full time offer and H1 Transfer was initiated few months back by Employer B, it went to RFE (asking for how this person will be a good fit and specialty role justification etc) and the response was filed for the same
    3. USCIS Denied the transfer and the attorney team is yet to receive the reason for Denial

    1. At this situation what could be the best possible steps/solution?
    2. Can anyone share your experience/info, what could be the reason for denial? and what can be done to avoid this?

    please let us know your inputs asap since the timelines may be critical.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well it happens and its very hard to say what can be the reason of denial now a days by USCIS. I think company B should have attached expert opinion letter which will depict the subjects that we study with the work we do on daliy basis as developers. Second reason can be the job responsibility she is playing in current role might not be similar in the new role. Last but nt the least salary offerred can also be a reason for rejection.