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H4 extension pending - have to travel to India

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  • H4 extension pending - have to travel to India

    Hello All,

    Please help me with below information.

    I am currently working on H1B VISA and my wife is on dependent VISA H4. My H1B extension has been approved till May 2022 (premium).

    Dependent (Wife) H4 application has been made and Biometrics are to be done on 18th of July 2019. After the Biometrics are done, she needs to travel to India for some personal reasons. ( I will not be travelling). She wants to come back only after a couple of months. Her I -94 is valid till 31st July 2019.

    Can my wife (dependent H4 visa) travel to India under such a situation where her H4 extension is under process? What happens if her I-94 expires when she is India?

    Please advise.

    Thank you