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221G - Administrative Processing

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  • 221G - Administrative Processing

    My brother received 221G blue slip in Feb,2019 and was asked to submit documents, the employer emailed all the documents that was marked on the blue slip on March 12, 2019. On June 5th, we received an email from uscis requesting to submit the passport we were so happy that everything went fine with 221G but the shock came when we went to collect the passport after 10 days. They did not stamp the visa on the passport instead they gave one more slip mentioning that "visa is refused for administrative processing and will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete". Since feb11, 2019 (us consulate interview date) the status on the site is "administrative processing". What I do not understand is, why they requested to submit the passport when the visa is still under administrative processing. We also booked ticket assuming that the passport will have the stamping.

    Has anyone had similar experiences? Can you please advise? Thanks!

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    It happens all the time. Retaining the passport does not mean, they will issue Visa. Also, there is really no way of knowing how long the 221G administrative processing can last. Some cases finish in a week, others can take months. Even if you contact the consulate, most likely, you will get a standard response. The only option for your brother is now to just wait. Hope the processing is done soon.


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      Thanks,visa.seeker! I will keep you posted.. Tc..