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H1B transfer while Spuse(H4) being in India

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  • H1B transfer while Spuse(H4) being in India

    I am with employerA with valid I-797 till Jan - 2022 (no Stamping yet), my wife got H4 visa stamping on July 17th 2019 till Jan - 2022 and currently being in India for vacation and planing to come back in last week of Sep - 2019

    On July 24th 2019 I got an offer from employerB and they would like move forward ASAP with H1 transfer which would be in premium.So assuming if everything goes well I will have H1B from employerB before my spouse's travel to US.

    Considering this scenario, that my spouse has not been traveled on employerA stamping yet
    - what are my options for filling H4 if required
    - Does she have to go for stamping again with employerB - H1 approval notice or She can travel back to US with existing stamping from employerA?
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