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H1-B stamping India or Canada?

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  • H1-B stamping India or Canada?

    I was going through this forum. Read almost all “H1-B stamping at Canada” topics.

    Here is some different case.

    1. I have approved H1-B petition till 2011. (797)
    2. I have petition from the same company where I work. (No consulting business)
    3. I am working with this company since 16 month as full time employee.
    4. My visa is expired on September 2009.
    5. I have family function in May month. (which I have to attend at any cost)

    Now all stamping related papers are ready. H1-B stamping is not an issue for me. I have 3 yrs tax returns, letters from employers .. everything which I need for stamping.

    Only one fear factor is.. My company major stake own by some XYZ group. Now they want to sell there stake … Bidding decision is under process… Management committed nothing will happen.. Just concentrate on work.

    But again news came that XYZ sold the stock to ABC company.. and ABC is leading organization in my company business sector. And they have more defined process to handle the business. That’ why they are leader in that sector.

    Now I am confuse what to do? Either wait till what happens? Or should go for early stamping at Canada.

    Previously I thought of doing stamping at India. But now if my company’s stake gets sold and new management decides to lay off people then my petition will be in inactive state and can’t do stamping in May month.

    Any suggestions on this. Should I go to Canada for stamping so I can re-enter in US after my family function is over?

    Thanks in Advance!