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H1B drop box interview

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  • H1B drop box interview


    I was arrested for a DUI in Oct 2017. My case was dismissed in January 2018 and reduced to reckless driving. My employee filed an extension in Feb 2018 and I797 got extended till 2022. I am planning to visit India in Feb 2020, updated the DS160, answered "yes" to previously arrested and provided a summary of explanation in DS160. I haven't submitted the DS160 form. However, I tried to fill in the required information to schedule a visa interview and answered "yes" to was your previous visa expired in the last 12 months. The website is qualifying me for dropbox. But I am not sure if I am really eligible for dropbox.

    Can someone please let me know if you have any idea\suggestion to find if I qualify for dropbox or have anyone faced a similar situation (sorry if you were in a similar situation)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you do dropbox, they'll just ask you to schedule an interview.

    If you search here, you will find reports of similar situations.


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      Thanks for your reply. Could you please share the related link or thread similar to my situation. Also, i will do a search.